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Introducing the extraordinary sailing yacht, the Futuna 57, an unrivaled gem that effortlessly surpasses its counterparts in every aspect. Crafted with meticulous precision at the esteemed AluComposites shipyard in France, this masterpiece bears the mark of architectural genius, courtesy of Marc Lombard. Prepare to be enthralled by its remarkable features, which include exceptional stability and impressive average speed, underscoring its exceptional marine prowess.

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Distinguished by a remarkably low center of gravity, the Futuna 57 boasts unrivaled stability and ensures a safe and comfortable journey, regardless of weather conditions. This attribute limits pitching motions and enhances sailing experiences, guaranteeing a remarkable voyage for all who step aboard.

The Futuna 57 sailing yacht is meticulously maintained, embodying a pristine condition that elevates your nautical escapades. Step into a world where every necessity for an unforgettable sea journey is at your fingertips. Indulge your culinary desires in the fully-equipped kitchen, complete with a gas stove, barbecue, and refrigerator, allowing you to savor delectable meals amidst the boundless ocean. Relax and unwind in air-conditioned cabins, ensuring a haven of comfort and tranquility throughout your voyage.

For those seeking aquatic adventures, the Futuna 57 leaves no desire unfulfilled. Embark on thrilling deep-sea fishing expeditions with professional equipment at your disposal, including Fishing Rodes, Crab Traps, and snorkeling gear. Dive into the depths with confidence, facilitated by a dedicated Dive Compressor and Dive Bottles, enabling extraordinary underwater exploration.

Ideal for both day trips to nearby islands with a group of up to 10 individuals and extended journeys for a family of 4, the Futuna 57 yacht offers unparalleled versatility. Escape to idyllic islands for a day of blissful exploration or set sail on an enchanting overnight sojourn, where the yacht becomes your luxurious home away from home.

Experience the epitome of maritime opulence and embark on an extraordinary voyage aboard the Futuna 57. Immerse yourself in a world of impeccable craftsmanship, unwavering stability, and boundless luxury. Secure your reservation today and allow us to curate a nautical adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your memories.

If you still have some questions “Which direction to choose from Phuket?”, please see our photo gallery section, where you can find names and photos of the islands! Or alternatively, our manager will offer you all suitable variants – just call us on the number in the header of the site.

* Please ask our manager for prices for the peak season (15 December – 20 January).

Length: 18.2 meters
Beam: 5.4 meters
Cruising Speed: 9 knots
Capacity (day): 10 people
Capacity (night): 4 people
Number of cabins: 3

Prices for the most popular destinations are listed below.
Ask the manager about the rates to other islands.
Price: 38 000 ฿
Direction: Ko Tapu (James Bond island)

* (Price up to 6 people)


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