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Experience the epitome of luxury and performance with our prestigious offering of the “Leopard 43” motor catamaran, available for rent in the captivating destination of Phuket.

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Crafted by the esteemed shipyard “Leopard Catamarans” from South Africa, this 13-meter vessel exudes power and finesse, boasting exceptional driving characteristics that will elevate your maritime journey. Seamlessly combining the might of two 320-horsepower motors with the allure of a comfort-class charter, this catamaran sets the stage for an unparalleled sailing experience.

Discover a myriad of inviting spaces designed to enhance your connection with the sea.

Adjacent to the stern, an elegant hard awning creates the perfect ambiance for alfresco dining, allowing you to savor delectable meals while indulging in mesmerizing ocean vistas. Step into the air-conditioned lounge, adorned with panoramic windows that provide a panoramic tapestry of the surrounding beauty. Within, you will find a welcoming table and a plush seating area, ensuring absolute comfort during your voyage.

Delight in the three cabins, each equipped with air conditioning, accommodating up to six esteemed guests for a restful night’s sleep. For those seeking a truly elevated experience, the indoor flybridge awaits, offering an unrivaled panorama of 360 degrees. Whether hosting a lively gathering or an intimate dinner, this exquisite space can comfortably accommodate up to eight individuals.

The “Leopard 43” motor catamaran caters to a diverse range of experiences, making it suitable for both large groups and intimate family excursions spanning multiple days. Revel in the assurance that every essential amenity has been meticulously provided, ensuring a seamless and comfortable charter experience. Immerse yourself in the convenience of a fully-equipped kitchen, savoring delectable culinary creations at your leisure.

Enjoy the harmonious melodies of the onboard music system, creating the perfect soundtrack to your voyage. Refresh and rejuvenate in the convenient shower facilities, designed to invigorate your senses amidst the tranquil maritime environment.
Indulge in the allure of Phuket’s pristine waters and captivating surroundings aboard the magnificent “Leopard 43” motor catamaran. Unveil the perfect blend of opulence, performance, and comfort, as you create cherished memories that will endure a lifetime.

Book your extraordinary adventure today and embark on a remarkable journey aboard the “Leopard 43” motor catamaran, where every detail has been thoughtfully curated to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

If you still have some questions “Which direction to choose from Phuket?”, please see our photo gallery section, where you can find names and photos of the islands! Or alternatively, our manager will offer you all suitable variants – just call us on the number in the header of the site.

* Please ask our manager for prices for the peak season (15 December – 20 January).

Length: 13 meters
Beam: 6,72 meters
Cruising Speed: 18-22 knots
Top Speed: 25 knots
Capacity (day): 12 people
Capacity (night): 6 people
Number of cabins: 3

Prices for the most popular destinations are listed below.
Ask the manager about the rates to other islands.

Price & Direction
79 000 ฿
Phang Nga

* (Price up to 6 people)


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