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Embark on a remarkable journey of luxury and indulgence with the esteemed Sirinumchok 50FT yacht charter, offering an unparalleled experience in the heart of Phuket. Discover a vessel of sublime elegance, meticulously designed to accommodate up to 30 distinguished guests per day, ensuring an unforgettable voyage of opulence and comfort.

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Step into a world of refinement as you enter the spacious and exquisitely air-conditioned interior of the Sirinumchok 50FT. Revel in the grandeur of its design, crafted to provide an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity throughout your voyage. With a large upper deck featuring a lavish seating area, perfectly tailored to accommodate up to 15 guests, you can luxuriate in an ambiance of sophistication and relaxation.

Prepare to be astounded by the exceptional value that the Sirinumchok 50FT offers in its class and size. This extraordinary yacht charter presents an unparalleled opportunity to embark on a truly remarkable journey, surpassing all expectations and ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Delight in an array of amenities thoughtfully provided on board, designed to enhance your voyage with uncompromising comfort and convenience. Experience the invigorating sensation of an outdoor shower area, allowing you to refresh and rejuvenate amidst the breathtaking surroundings. Indulge in culinary delights with the convenience of a microwave oven on board, ensuring that every culinary desire is catered to with absolute finesse.

Immerse yourself in thrilling aquatic adventures with the inclusion of a kayak on board, inviting you to explore the captivating waters of Phuket and its mesmerizing coastline. For those with a passion for angling, fishing equipment is available upon request, ensuring that every moment on board the Sirinumchok 50FT is filled with excitement and discovery.

Elevate your journey to unprecedented heights as you embrace the allure of the Sirinumchok 50FT yacht charter. Reserve this extraordinary vessel today and unlock a world of luxury, sophistication, and unrivaled serenity, promising an experience that will forever be etched in your memory.

If you still have some questions “Which direction to choose from Phuket?”, please see our photo gallery section, where you can find names and photos of the islands! Or alternatively, our manager will offer you all suitable variants – just call us on the number in the header of the site.

* Please ask our manager for prices for the peak season (15 December – 20 January).
* The day charter price is for 1-12 guests. Each extra person is 1,000 Baht.
** The overnight charter price is quoted for 1-4 guests.

Length: 23 meters
Beam: 6 meters
Cruising Speed: 60 knots
Top Speed: 15 knots
Capacity (day): 25 people
Capacity (night): 8 people
Number of cabins: 4

Prices for the most popular destinations are listed below.
Ask the manager about the rates to other islands.

Price & Direction:
40 000 ฿ half day
Koh Rang Yai island

55 000 ฿ full
Phang Nga

* (Price up to 6 people)


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